Yoga Pose Of The Week: The Goddess Pose

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This will immediately align you with your inner divine. I always feel regal in this pose. It also reminds me of all the bad ass mommas who gave birth in the fields then kept working. I feel like the goddess pose is a portal to the collective feminine consciousness.

Release Menstrual tension
Boost fertility
Increase flexibility in the hips
Increase circulation of blood to the reproductive organs

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Thank you and welcome back to another video where I share information that is holistic and inspiring. My name is MystyMoon. I am an Integrative Health Coach for Women. My purpose is to help women heal themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This page is my way to offer tools to help assist you on your journey. If you would like more support please reach out to me...this is what I do. I am passionate about healing because I know it so well from my own experience and have been fortunate to receive extraordinary training from Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Body Mind College. Check out my website to learn a little bit more about what I do along with some testimonies of women who have worked with me in the past.

Music in intro: MystyMoon on vocals and Didgerdoo.

Here's a link to a mix I created for your pleasure. Listen while on a hike, doing yoga, or while soaking in a hot bath.
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