Joyful Mindfulness Yin Yoga Practice

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My aim is to share with you my contemplative Yin Yoga practice to help boost your physical well-being and mental-emotional fitness during this uncertain and trying period in our lives wherein breath, mindfulness, and awareness are more important than ever.

I teach Yin Yoga for the following studios in Metro Manila, Philippines and I hope to also support them: Beyond Yoga, Urban Ashram, & Rebel Yoga. If you can please participate in the various classes they offer, would be great to e-meet and share virtual space with you during my classes for these studios. Reasonable class rates apply, please DM and book directly through the studios.

My Yoga practice is influenced by over 500 hrs. of Yoga Teacher Training from Bernie Clark, Sarah Lo, Medicale Yoga Institute, Sebastian Pucelle, Chris Su, Beyond Yoga, and AV108. I also trained meditation under Claire Robbie. I try my best to integrate in class everything I have learned through years of gaining knowledge in areas like human development, mindfulness, and emotional awareness.

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I am very much driven with a personal purpose of journeying with you through a Mindfulness Yin Yoga Practice to help draw out your fullest potential as a human being and be the best version of yourself.

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Just a few important things for you please before viewing this Yin Yoga home video:

In watching the home video, viewer agrees that Yin Yoga includes physical movements as well as an opportunity for relaxation, stress reduction, and relief of muscular tension.

Viewer understands one's personal responsibility to seek physician's clearance and consult with a health care professional before beginning any exercise like Yin Yoga.

In choosing to practice using the video, viewer has no medical conditions that would prevent one's self from taking the shapes and postures, and viewer assumes full responsibility for any risk or injury.

Like any other physical activity, viewer is aware that the risk of injury, even serious or disabling, is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated.

If viewer experiences any pain or discomfort, it is recommended to back-off from any posture, listen to the body, adjust, take rest, or even seek medical attention.

Yin Yoga is not a substitute for any medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment. Yin Yoga is also not recommended and is not safe under certain medical conditions.

Lastly, viewer affirms responsibility in deciding to practice Yin Yoga through this video and hereby agrees to irrevocably release, discharge, and waive any claims or causes of action, known or unknown arising out of the teacher's negligence now or hereafter against this video and the teacher.
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