I is for INVERSIONS. Introduction to going upside-down! Home Yoga Practice for Beginners.

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YOGA INVERSIONS FOR BEGINNERS. I is for Inversions is part of a series of Yoga for Absolute Beginners. If you're brand new to yoga, start with A is for Asana and work your way through. This home yoga practice for beginners offers an introduction to going upside-down. Take a look at the basic inverted poses in yoga, including headstand, handstand, forearm balance, and shoulderstand, and learn how to practice them at home. Also featuring legs up the wall pose as a safe alternative to an inversion practice.

I am a certified yoga instructor and have been teaching group classes for over 12 years. Thanks for practicing at home with me!

My classes are geared towards healthy individuals with no major injuries. You know your own body better than I do! If any of the poses or transitions suggested cause you pain, please find a way to ease up and do what you need to do to care for yourself. Yes, the practice of hatha yoga can have therapeutic benefits, but it is not meant to substitute for medical care. Please consult with your doctor if you have a condition that might prevent you from safely practicing yoga. Although my classes are designed with your safety in mind, everyone has their own limitations. Please keep in mind that practicing along with Namasturm Yoga classes is done at your own risk, and I cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damages that may result from your participation. Namaste.
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